74th Concert Season

Spring Concert 2022

Our Prayer for Peace

Rescheduled to

Sunday, May 1, 2022, 3 PM

Corpus Christi Church

155 Garfield Avenue, Mineola NY 11501

The Covid pandemic has threatened the world, disrupting our lives for over two years and causing millions of deaths, long-lasting illness and feelings of helplessness and despair. Now, a brutal war in Western Europe is causing death and devastation throughout Ukraine, again threatening the world.

As we confront the scourge of war and continue to recover from the physical and psychological effects of the pandemic, we invite you to join us for our Spring Concert, Our Prayer for Peace.

The concert opens with the world premier of Thomas W. Jones' Lamentations, which speaks to the desolation and sadness following the fall of Jerusalem in the 6th century B.C. It is a stark parallel not only to the emptiness of our cities, and our periodic feelings of helplessness and despair during the pandemic lockdowns, but also to the ruinous destruction of so many cities in Ukraine, and the death, pain and anguish of their people as the war rages on.

This will be followed by Mozart's Requiem, a memorial to all who have died during the pandemic, as well as to their families and friends who were unable to visit, console, care for or even bury their loved ones. We also remember those who died in the war in Ukraine, and those who lost fathers, mothers, children, relatives and friends as this devastating war rages on.

The conclusion of the concert from the resurrection section of Handel's Messiah speaks to our search for a return to peace and normalcy in the world when "the trumpets shall sound and death is swallowed up in victory, thanks be to God—AMEN!”

This is our Prayer for Peace—peace that comes from understanding; from tolerance; from sharing and caring; from laughing together, crying together and mourning together; from support of one another; from love of one another. A peace where we all work together in harmony to emerge victorious over the diseases of the world.